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Systems Thinking: Upgrade

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Come with a goal, leave with a business and life “system” UPGRADE!

As a driven & motivated entrepreneur, you may be feeling…

  • Excited, but afraid to fail
  • Isolated & unsupported
  • Frustrated & exhausted
  • Overwhelmed, unfocused, frazzled
  • Unsure of yourself and your decisions
  • Unsure what actions to take to get you to that next level

Yeah, that’s my story too. And, I’ve met so many entrepreneurs who face the same struggles, regardless of the specific business they are in.

Powerful Community

“I will keep joining Megan’s programs because it keeps me in check. When there are days, which I’m sure we all have, that I feel like I’m less personally motivated, it’s the reminder that everyone in this group is there for me, supporting me, and cheering me on, that gets me motivated.”  Jenni N

BIG Results

“Initially, I just expected to connect with other female entrepreneurs, shift into a more positive mindset, and learn a few tricks here and there. And yes, all of that happened, but this program was so much more than I expected. I honestly would’ve paid a boatload more had I realized the impact this would have on me.  I’ve been able to see real and meaningful results with my business and personal life. I was able to land 10 sales meetings in 2 days and am on the verge of landing my first corporate client (something that I wasn’t sure would happen, or would take months). I have so much more confidence and faith in myself. I’ve developed new skills to keep me in a productive & motivated state. And I can see the positive impact of “the new me” on my family and friends too. It’s been incredible!”  Sapna P.

Mindset Shifts

“I feel like I’ve struggled with having confidence / believing in myself for as long as I can remember. But I now have this new unwavering faith that I’ll be able to figure out anything that’s thrown my way. Things that I used to view as mistakes/obstacles, I now see as learning moments.” 

Now, imagine that you’re sitting in a room with smart, supportive, motivated, fun, open and all together entrepreneurs who are all on the same journey as you!

What to expect?

Really focused, intentional and sometimes confronting conversations about business and life. We dig into REAL topics with both a mindset and systems/logistical approach. Be prepared to be open-minded, willing to look at root issues, get into action every week, and contribute to other women with your ideas. The goal is to learn about yourself…find your personal and business “hacks” that are unique to you. It’s meta-learning…learning how you learn so you can apply it everywhere!

And…expect the unexpected too!

Every week you show up to learn new practical tools (would like this part to be

  • Grow your business
  • Master your mindset
  • Generate powerful, positive vision and energy
  • Get into action on the critical leverage points to UPGRADE your business and life!

That is the power of this 8-week program. Come with a goal, leave with a business and life “system” UPGRADE!