Are you feeling the stir for change inside of you??  


  • Want to change jobs?
  • Want to start your own company?
  • Want to be healthier?
  • Want a new relationship, or change a current one?
  • Want to feel more confident?
  • Want to travel the world?
  • Want to make more money?

Bottom line…do you want to change your life?

If the answer is YES, Project Butterfly is for you!

Now the question is: Do you have the courage to commit to making that change??

Ok, let’s get real. REALLY real. You’ve known for a while that you want to get a new job. Or start your own side hustle. Or travel the world. Etc. Etc. 

But, you haven’t done anything about it. Why? What’s stopping you? Why do you have a story about why you can’t get X, Y, or Z in your life? 

Are you afraid? Terrified of failure? Don’t know where to begin? Feel totally alone?

That’s ok. We all start there – I know I did. But, your story doesn’t have to end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

So, here’s your choice: you can go on living life as it is…or, you can commit to making a change and step into the unknown.

Hi, I’m Megan Bhatia. I’ve been stepping into the unknown for years. After years of traveling the world, leading teams across the nation, and inspiring tens of thousands of people, I’m excited to share my transformational-toolkit in this 8-week program!!! 

Transformation is not a mystery. It happens when you combine certain skills, using them consciously to create specific changes in your life.


Now imagine, 8 weeks from now…

  • You are happy, confident and feel a HUGE sense of momentum in life!

  • You have a new set of skills that you can use to transform ANY part of your life, anytime

  • People are asking you “How did you do that?”

  • You look back at yourself 8 weeks prior and think wow…look at how far I’ve come!

Those are just a few things that are possible by joining Project Butterfly! 

The choice is yours!


About Project butterfly

Over the next 8 weeks, you will: 

  • Go BIG! Create a “project” for yourself to complete by the end of the program (a result you are seeking)…AIM HIGH!
  • Watch Megan’s weekly video lesson (pre-recorded video) that will guide you through the learning of the week
  • Take your BIG project and learn to break it into weekly actions.
  • Participate in the LIVE weekly online coaching webinars with Megan
  • Join and interact with a powerful community through a private Facebook Group (you are encouraged to share video updates of your weekly progress!)
  • BONUS: “On the spot” coaching videos available during the entire 8-weeks

Bottom line: You’ll have a community where you’re held accountable to TAKE ACTION in your life, and you’re given the timely guidance along the way.


Energizing & Inspiring

“Megan is energizing and inspiring. Her thoughtful, empathetic, and action-oriented approach meets you where you are at, and makes the overwhelming seem possible. Megan’s ability to reframe your challenges and redirect your efforts will leave you with the clarity and insight to pursue your goals effectively. She is an amazing force to have in your corner!” Kristen W. 

Transformative Experience

“Megan helped me to understand master the tension that exists between where we are currently and where we want to be. This was a transformative experience for me, as I was able to get clarity on what direction I wanted to head and take action on making it a reality. Megan’s course played a key role in sending me down the path that I am on today.”  – Erin K

Getting to the Core Without Forcing It

“I am impressed by Megan’s coaching skills and ability to get people to get to the core of an issue without forcing them there, but by leading them there.” Jennifer M.

You Will Leave This Program Feeling Empowered

“Megan’s course helped me see how I can have control over my mindset and behavior. I have no doubt you will leave this program feeling empowered and ready to take control of your life with confidence and go after your goals.” Alicia N.

Join The Project Butterfly Community

My own life journey has been a series of transitions…and in each transition I went through a process of breakdown and of creation…creating a new me, a new life.

I’ve been through a lot in my 38 years and have had to learn the skills to transform myself and my life again and again. You probably have too, if you’re lucky. And, you’re looking to transform again, because you know that you can BE, DO and HAVE more in this lifetime.

The thing is, transformation doesn’t have to hurt, it doesn’t have to take a long time, or hurt others in the process. I’ve learned the skills to make it easier, faster, and less painful. I want to share them with you! 

Transformation is simply using a combination of skill sets, and applying them consciously to create specific changes in your life. 

Transform your life by transforming yourself


Why does this program work? 

You have a time frame for ACTION! Deadlines get results! Every week you’ll be taking action, and you’ll be held accountable for those actions by the group. 

You learn NEW SKILLS! Changing your life requires a different set of skills – things that they don’t teach at school or at work. But they are the most important skills you will ever need if you want to level up in life.

You are DOING THE WORK! And by work, we’re talking about the “real work”, the INNER reflection work. NO HIDING FROM YOURSELF or others in this program! Every week you answer questions that will guide you to realizations, and support you in creating your Weekly Power Acts.

You’re building NEW HABITS! Every week you’ll take on adding (or letting go of) a habit…with the intention to shift the “system” of your life. Your habits are POWERFUL, so you’ve got to be intentional that they are working FOR YOU, not against you!

You are joining a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY! The people you are around have a HUGE influence over the direction of your life. Are you around enough positive, motivated, inspiring, and driven people? The people who sign up for this program are all of those things…and more! (yes, I’m talking about YOU too!)


What you’ll learn, week by week: 

Week 1: Goal-setting from a place of possibility instead of fear.

Week 2: Create a Supportive environment so that you have a safe space for growth and change

Week 3: The Power of Breakdown – How to breakdown safely and with intention

Week 4: Mental Discipline – Manage your mind by breaking down limiting mental paradigms and replace them with a powerful mindset.

Week 5: Generate Energy to propel you into action.

Week 6: The Power of Habits. Strategically shift physical elements of your life to support and maintain change. 

Week 7: Inspiring Communication – Powerfully enroll others in the vision of your future. 

Week 8: Celebration and Reflection of your journey. Key take aways so you can transform again and again. 

EVERY WEEK: You’ll be practicing Self-Agency by breaking your BIG goal into smaller weekly actions. 


It’s time!  

You know that you were meant for more in this lifetime, but still, find yourself “waiting” for that perfect time to take action. 

This program is your CATALYST!!

You are READY for a transformation!!!  

You are ready to step into your bigger self!!

When you step into your power, you inspire others to do the same. By doing the “real work” – the inner shifting, rearranging, letting go and creating, your outside world will shift almost effortlessly. That is the metaphor of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. The caterpillar doesn’t change the world, it changes itself. And, when it emerges transformed, the whole WORLD is TRANSFORMED! 

And…when you transform one part of your life, it flows through to ALL other parts of your life! 

Let’s face it, you are the only one in your way…AND, you are the ONLY one who can make the changes you want for your life. 

So, take the leap.

Trust yourself.

Become accountable for your life.

Right now…

If you’re ready to take that next step towards your personal transformation