Professional Development

Investing in your staff is one of the best long-term investments your company can make. Megan Bhatia brings professional development to the next level by creating facilitated learning experiences.  The sessions, ranging from 1 hour to full day workshops, are created with the end-goal in mind that people not just “understand” the content, but that they put it to use right away within their work roles and their life.

Each topic can be expanded or condensed to fit the time allotted, from 1 to 3 hour experiential workshops. 

Increasing Resiliency in the Workplace

The most precious resource for each business is the human capital. But, have you trained your employees the skill of understanding and managing their own personal energy and focus? If you haven’t, your employees are at risk of job fatigue and burnout. More than just a work-life balance conversation, this course will give each individual an opportunity to become more self-aware, more accountable, and more communicative with their peers to build a culture of resiliency.

Accountability and Empowerment

These two words get used a lot, but what do they actually mean for your business? Many employees say that they would like to be more empowered in their jobs, yet lack the practical skills and understanding to truly “own” their results. Through this training, attendees will gain clarity and ownership, and will go through real-time exercises to put their skills to use.

Bridging the Gap

The Millennial Generation will be the biggest part of the workforce by 2020, and they are redefining the ways that businesses operate from the inside out. This course builds understanding and practical skills to bridge the generation gap, leading to increased team effectiveness and growth of the business.

Facilitation: The Hidden Leadership Skill

The act of facilitation means to “make easier”. Great facilitation can be invisible because the leader takes the power of the group and sends it back out to them in a meaningful, guided way. When you participate in a well-facilitated meeting, retreat or conference, you leave with a feeling that you accomplished what you set out to accomplish, with ease.  Wouldn’t you like all of your leaders to have that skill?  This course gives big-picture insights into managing group dynamics, along with hands-on practical skills to use during the next meeting or event.  

Customized Professional Development seminars

Megan specializes in bringing content to life. If you have a topic that you’d like a custom program created, Megan will work with you to identify the outcome desired to create an engaging, interactive learning experience for your employees.  

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