Facilitation Services

Think about your last board meeting, all staff meeting, company retreat or conference. Did you leave with the feeling that you accomplished what you set out to accomplish, with ease?

The act of facilitation means to “make easier”. Great facilitation is invisible because the focus is on allowing all members to freely to contribute their ideas and perspectives, and guide the group towards consensus on next action steps. 

It is interesting to note that Google found similar results from their years of research to determine the key elements of their most successful teams.  Their research found that it is not the character of the leader, nor the individual skill sets of the team, that makes certain teams shine.  The teams in which the members felt “psychologically safe” were the most effective teams.  

Why? Because when people feel safe to ask questions, voice opinions and share their unique strengths, they were able to contribute at their highest level towards the team goal. The whole truly becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts.
When facilitating, Megan creates psychological safety for all participants, brings intentionally around the outcome and the practical skills to engage all team members at their highest potential.

Consider using Megan Bhatia as the facilitator for your next events:

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