Company culture and employee engagement are much more than just buzz-words right now. They directly affect your ability to recruit and retain high-level talent, keep them engaged and productive, and ultimately have a profitable growing business.


But, both culture and engagement are extremely tough to measure and evaluate from the inside. Think of a fish trying to imagine the water it is swimming in. The good news is that you have far more tools at your disposal. With outside support, you CAN measure, adjust and improve your company culture and employee engagement.


Consulting Services offered:

  • Employee Engagement surveys and focus group discussions
  • Compilation of findings with customized solutions (short and long term)
  • Leadership and Management training focused on core company “hot spots”
  • Job-Sculpting Training for Managers
  • One-on-one coaching (all level employees)
  • Creation and facilitation of retreats, conference and workshops
  • Training of HR specialists to continue long-term implementation of strategies
  • Schedule a free 30 minute consultation