The one thread that runs through my life is – experiential learning. I found that I learn best through experiences, and through facilitated reflection on those experiences. That idea is the heart of what I bring to my clients, individuals or organizations, in my consulting, coaching and professional development offerings.

My own story has been full of experiential learning experiences – from hosting international exchange students in my home as a child, to becoming an exchange student at the age of 17 in Belgium. After learning French, I decided that Spanish was next and went on to live a year in Barcelona.  I learned about cultures not by reading about them, but experiencing them. I learned that the world is not just black and white, it is a beautiful array of shades, all depending on your perspective.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked as a Director at a nonprofit and an Entrepreneur business owner. My philosophy as a leader is to educate, engage and empower individuals to be accountable in creating their own career, and their corporate culture. Now, I am on a mission to share what I’ve learned with individuals and businesses, with the intention of creating the type of world that I want to live in…and empowered, creative and meaningful one!