Who is Megan Bhatia?

Ok, so that’s a lifelong question I’ve asked myself, and I have discovered that it is ever-changing as you learn more about yourself.

I am an explorer. I am positive, impatient, and intense. I LOVE big…an ambitious love, and for those of you who let me into your lives, I am a life catalyst. I am obsessed with learning and growing and transforming. I am amazed by life, every day. I am stubborn, and still have a hard time admitting when I am wrong…but I’m getting better with practice- lots of practice:) I have BIG dreams, for myself and for you in the world.

I used to hide myself. I felt like I was somehow “wrong” being myself. I thought that everyone else had the “right answers” so I was a people-pleaser…until I realized that I was giving away my power, to everyone, and every situation. You can understand that right? You’ve all been there.

Now I say…FUCK THAT! Seriously. I held myself back in life. I played small, even though I could feel a world of possibility in me. I see that all of the walls I had in my life were walls that I constructed…so down they come. Now, I feel LIT up by life! And, I feel like I am just getting started…watch out world!

I’m living in a world where YOU & EVERYONE is lit up by life – empowered to be who you are, engaged in your life and on a fucking fantastic journey!!!

My superpower is being able to relate to you- NOT for who you were, or even who you are in the present, but for who you are BECOMING. I open a space for you to step into a future of your own making.

I surround myself with people like you who are ready to buck the status quo. Those of you who KNOW that there is something bigger, better that lies just beyond your known world. Those of you who aren’t afraid to be yourself, to try new things, who never say never. Those of you who love to travel, and learn and love. Who know that your life is precious, and your life is too short to mess around with drama. You and I have got shit to do, places to explore, and lives to change (starting with our own of course).